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Who Are We Hurting?


On exhibition until the 30th Of April 2017

The Craze™ Collective x Ballinonabudget.TV

Hydroponic grow room in the heart of the Australian city killed by alcohol fueled violence to demonstrate the new wave of stoners are successful members of society and spark debate about the inadequate laws turning them into criminals

Original story – http://dopamine.net.au/weed-grow-kings-cross/

“Police attended the premises to investigate the alleged hydro set up at a shopfront at Kings Cross. As the plants were not cannabis there was no further police action,” a New South Wales Police spokesperson said via Mashable Australia

“Blaze lords taking the debate over medicinal and recreation cannabisto the front line” – Pedestrian TV

“One of the bolder protests” – Broadsheet Australia

“A dope’y idea” – Daily Mail Australia

Photography by Dani Bowen, TeraByte and Dopamine

#420 #cinema #gallery #marketactivations

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