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Who Are We Hurting?

‘Artists hide ‘cannabis plants’ around Sydney CBD for 420 protest’ Via Dopamine

‘The sad fact is everybody knows that cannabis isn’t nearly as bad for people as, say, alcohol or cigarettes,” said Craze in a statement. “But no-one wants to talk about it because it has such a stigma. We’re just hoping to get people talking’ Via Mashable

‘People are in desperate need of more information about this incredible plant,” said Michelle Crain, HHI Expo Founder. “We hope that by posing the question, ‘Who are we hurting?’ we are able to spread awareness & create conversations around the many uses the cannabis and hemp plants offer.’ Via Beat Magazine

‘The plants are also there to encourage people to attend the upcoming Hemp Health and Innovation expo on May 12-13, which is a conference centred on having those conversations about weed. This year, the conference is asking the question “who are we hurting?”, in the hope that people will turn up and engage with the actual benefits and harms of cannabis, rather than the stigma the plant has developed.’ Via Junkee

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