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Sydney Panel Cars

Syd P Cars are a small scale version of the CityRail carriages infamously known as Ridgies. Sadly these beautiful 50 tonne master pieces of stainless steel are headed for the scrap heap, gone but never to be forgotten. Measuring 420 x 95 x 3mm these 100% Australian made wall art pieces are cut from wood fibreboard and come with packaging designed by ‘Gane 2’. The Sydney P Cars are a must have for any collector.

City Rail S Set Control Car Engineer Drawings

The Craze Co – Cut Path Design

Laser Engraver Sampling Process

The Craze Co – Packaging Design

Packaging Panel by ‘Gane 2’

Giveaways signed by ‘Gane 2’

Craze Co ‘Sydney P Car’ by Sofar One

Unbreakable Break MSA AFP – Sydney P Car

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