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New green dawn: Advocates hope ACT’s cannabis laws pave way for open market

Advocates have welcomed Canberra’s contentious new cannabis regime, hoping it sparks a broader public discussion about drug law reform and paves the way for an open market for the substance.

But critics have again sounded the alarm about the changes, warning of the harm they could cause to young Canberrans.

Bayden Mottee was among a small group cannabis advocates to gather outside the ACT Legislative Assembly on Friday morning to mark the commencement of the territory new drug laws.

Friday marked the commencement of the territory’s new cannabis laws, which allows adults to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants. A maximum of four plants per household is permitted.

Smoking in public, or near a child, is prohibited.

The ACT government used the date to roll out a public health campaign about the effects of cannabis use, and to provide information on support services available to users.

But the milestone was largely bereft of the political fanfare which so often surrounds progressive law reform in the ACT.

A small group of cannabis advocates did make an effort to mark the occasion, travelling from Sydney to be outside the ACT Legislative Assembly early on Friday.

The group are part of the “Who Are We Hurting” campaign, which aims to spark discussion about cannabis use.

Full Story via The Canberra Times – https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6608417/green-dawn-advocates-hope-acts-cannabis-laws-pave-way-for-open-market/?fbclid=IwAR3oOjg1FpeXSj_ZuDjiILvdHicEKO-1KPps1po1ZuGL5-QQn9pHIvo_hhE

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