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Jennifer Hallam Spared Jail for Australian Medicinal Cannabis

Turning Over a New Leaf Channel 9 Today Show

Jenny Hallam has had a tough battle over the past few years, fighting a drug conviction for illegally producing medicinal cannabis.

Jenny Hallam avoids jail time for producing & supplying cannabis oil – 7 News Adelaide

An Adelaide woman, prosecuted for producing and supplying medicinal cannabis oil, has been spared a conviction and jail.

The judge said she was motivated by a genuine compassion to help others for no financial gain.

Medicinal Cannabis Crusader Spared Jail – 10 News First Adelaide

NO JAIL: An Adelaide cannabis crusader has been spared jail or a conviction, for making medicinal marijuana for pain sufferers.

Cannabis oil supplier escapes criminal conviction – 9 News Adelaide

Jenny Hallam, who supplied cannabis oil to people suffering chronic pain at no cost, has been set free without a criminal conviction.

Adelaide cannabis crusader avoids drug supply conviction – 7News.com.au

A woman who illegally produced and supplied medicinal cannabis oil has been spared jail and dodged a conviction.

A judge said Jenny Hallam’s sole motivation was to treat the sick for no financial gain.

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