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History Of Cannabis In Australia – Maxim Magazine Au

As Australia moves forward on the legalisation of cannabis, it’s important to take a look back on the marijuana chronicles in our country and how much public perception drives policy. From the magical discovery of a ton of free and wild weed to a politicised mafia murder mystery, it’s been a wild ride — so far…

The last five years have seen an emergence — technically, a re-emergence — of cannabis legalisation and decriminalisation in Australia. That’s reflected not necessarily in policy (although there’s definitely been some good steps forward) but more so in public sentiment. Today, it’s become increasingly normalised, with many more companies and organisations to get involved with. Since 2016, we’ve had the travelling Hemp Health and Innovation Expo offering education and advocacy. There’s also been the Who Are We Hurting protests, garnering national media attention, as well as the 420 In The Park demonstrations — aka Cannabis Picnics — on April 20 in Melbourne, Sydney, Nimbin, Hobart and now Canberra.

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Maxim Magazine Australia April 2020 Cannabis Article

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