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Growing Pains by Foath TV

Clive and Moe are Streamwood’s most successful drug dealers.. unfortunately they’re not the smartest ones. A stupid mistake sees them lose their fortunes, bringing their entire operation crashing down.

Nico – their flamboyant and cruel drug boss doesn’t take too kindly to this, and is waiting for them on the outside to recoup the fortune they lost.

Growing Pains is a 2018 Australian Web Series written and directed by filmmaker Grant Bell

Story by Grant Bell and Kempsey Lyon

Cinematography by Grant Bell

Sound Design by Kempsey Lyon

Edited by Grant Bell

Starring Beau Jones, Daniel Thone, Rob Horton, Tiahni Wilton, Chantal Elyse, Grant Bell, David Cook, Vito Leo, Georgia Voice, Chris Robinson, Reece Madam and more…

Growing Pains theme song by David Cook

Sponsored by Ballin On A Budget & Craze Collective

Cannabis props manufactured by Craze Collective

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