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Ego Expo Melbourne 2018



For this collab, we teamed up with the crew at Ego to create a one of a kind giant T-shirt. The 3 x 3.5 Meter (1 storey) over-sized Noveltee featured both the B.O.B & Craze Co logos as well as the official Ego mascot character birthed by Perth artist Handbrake.


For our 2nd collaboration, we got together again with the organizers of Ego, Ballin On A Budget, AUDollar$, Little Jase, Two Wrongs & Safe Clothing to create 4500 official giveaway bandanas that match the Noveltee and feature the expo mascot by Handbrake.


For our 3rd collaboration, we teamed up with Australia’s biggest and best arcade video game bar, Bartronica, to invite patrons to test their skills on a variety of retro style arcade games on free play at our expo booth.


For our 4th and final collaboration, we teamed up with Melbourne fashion designer Andy Truong to create tailored T-shirts made completely out of Ego bandanas.

Helping Hoops images by Lauri Jean Photography Mural by Phibs & George Rose

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