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Dr Holly strips down the layers of fast fashion

Dr Holly and her team of underwear activists captivated crowds at Pitt St Mall by making a statement about the Fast Fashion epidemic and how we can overcome it!

Dr Holly is a Social Change Advocate and her mission is to create and implement ideas for change for a more sustainable world.

In the lead up to internationally celebrated ‘Fashion Week’ Dr Holly says; “Fast Fashion consists of clothes made as cheap as possible and designed to be thrown away after a couple of wears, these clothes cost thousands of lives and destroys the environment”

“To counteract this we need to take action, we need to mend and repair our clothes, we need to recycle our clothes, we need to buy vintage and pre-loved clothes and most importantly we need to pressure our retailers to make ethical clothes that last while providing ethical working conditions. They won’t make what we won’t buy!”

Over the next few months, Dr Holly will be hosting stunts around Sydney to raise awareness about the small everyday changes you can make to help sustain the world we live in, because there is an Eco Warrior in all of us!


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