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Cannabis Crisis 420 Peace Offering

1 Pound contactless delivery to Kirribilli House, Sydney between 10am and 10.3am on the 1st of April 2020 (The start of 42020).

Kirribilli House 109 Kirribilli Ave Kirribilli NSW 2061

Visit Facebook event page here!

Dear Scotty,

We know you’ve been working bloody hard at the moment, so we wanted to give you something to help relax a little.

Please fix the cannabis crisis and replace organised crime with legitimate employment.

We are calling for a federal amnesty on cannabis, following suit with Australia’s Capital Territory and other western countries like Canada. In this time of crisis, vulnerable people are being forced to travel unnecessarily in order to purchase medications from the black market as medical cannabis is unaffordable to most, especially during the current employment climate and the quarantine of millions of Australians due to COVID-19.

We hope and pray this care package finds you well.

With love from The Who Are We Hurting Team.


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