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Behind the scenes – Bliss N Eso – Act Your Age MUSIC VIDEO

Check out The BLISS N ESO Music Video for #ACTYOURAGE filmed at the Ballin’ On A Budget compound somewhere in the mountains of Gold Coast Australian

In the 1st episode of B.O.B TV we take you on set of Bliss N Eso latest music video shoot, for ‘Act Your Age’, the newest single from the 2013 album ‘Circus In The Sky’. The music video was filmed at the now infamous B.O.B Compound high in the lush green hills behind the Gold Coast.

Watch on as we take you behind the scenes of one of the wildest music videos ever filmed in Australia.


Behind The Scenes Photos by Sam Commens


SONG: Act Your Age ARTIST: Bliss n Eso ALBUM: Circus In The Sky LABEL: Illusive PRODUCED BY: M-Phazes


DIRECTOR / PRODUCER: Allan Hardy DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrew Buckley WRITERS: Bliss, Eso, DJ Izm, Allan Hardy EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Adam Jankie, Matt Gudinski 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Marc Purnell 1st CAMERA ASSISTANT: Rob Norman LOCATION / EXTRAS MANAGER: Will Stolk LIGHTING: Cam Pianta B CAMERA: Dominik Muench B CAMERA ASSISTANT: Will Edmunds EDITOR: Allan Hardy GRAFFITI ARTIST: Laurie Turner (AKA Tues) HELICOPTER PILOT: Scott Menzies STUNT CO-ORDINATOR: John Walton MAKE-UP ARTIST: Jess Flannigan PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Michael Linhart, Coco Loberg, Matty Rogers, Natalie Hardy, Thomas Bridges, Jason Mactague


Bliss Eso DJ Izm Alex Williamson Stavros Yiannoukas (Bluejuice) Jake Stone (Bluejuice) Jesse Turner (Stunts) Little Chris (Clown) Marty Smiley (Channel V) Liza Connolly


http://blissneso.com | http://blissneso.com | http://blissneso.com | http://blissneso.com | http://blissneso.com | http://blissneso.com



Stav & Jake from BlueJuice Alex Williamson Cam Pianta Marc Purcell Will Stolk (Ballin’ On A Budget) & everyone else who helped out with the video.


Isabella Hartland Suzanah Bedford Jourdan Paterson Lawson Scott David Field Sarah Morley Emanuel Magriplis Tarren Regan Greg Regan Erin Clifford Jayce Andrews Trek Brooker Danny Maloney Dru Wagstaff Thomas Bridges Halle Barnes-Warde Nicky Barnes Linda Wiltshire Jessica Brady Kelsey Toy Karlee Ironside Veronica Filo Irene Wiszowaty Amanda Davies Jason Mackinnon Rebecca Hawker Alex Staatz Matt Ford Cameron Boyle Shayne Brady Alisha Brady Aaron Wall Shayelle Lajoie Dotty Timms Kate Matti Tahmeeka Lontarine Anthony Ramshaw Cameron Baker Jonni Row Sam Commens Kayla Rodgers Martina Sill Shayley Smith Jess Charles Jade Brunett Shay-Lee Smith Danny Jones Hayden Coley Jake Price Komei Tabata Nikoline Baglea Ashton Townsend Simon Lyell Sarah Shuey Nakayla Robertson Courtney Harms Cassandra Green Kate Hood Nadia Dzogii Tye Wilkie Lisa Theoharris Hayli Hager Zoey Devine Jason Schuh Zoey Read Nick Chapman Luke Jones Jen Johnstone Charmine Nielsen Emily Parsdee Chelsea Bredwater Jaga Chan Sam Singleton Chloe Ferguson Ronna Burton Stephanie Steer Jessica Underwood Jasmine Ryan Ian Slight Karen Carrillo Barrios Rucha Kochak Sheridan Ashleigh Naomi Luck Stacey Legge Toby Kiddle Suzanne Smith Maxwell Pyper Luci Meatchem Jason Bailey Jason Dowen Peter Heath Luke Bell Brynn Bellamy Sam Bradley

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