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Australian Cannabis Cup 2019

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon last month the Nimbin Cannabis Cup was held.

The first round requires judges to inspect, smell, feel and weigh up the standard of each entry compared to the others. For novice judges this is the difficult round where variances can make or break the most technically minded horticulturalist. Judges award a single point to 3 different entries of buds and hash, which they believe show the types of attributes required to take out this prestigious event. After a short break where the finest morsels and refreshments were washed down with the lavish tones of Biko, Doug and Bob.

The second round of course is where the marque of a true cannabis connasuer is displayed. This is no wine tasting slurping and spitting affair. In our homegrown Cannabis Cup, judges are required to consume, in any way they prefer, a measured amount of each of the 3 entries they think requires further analysis. It’s always a pleasure to watch the professionalism displayed by judges as they not only refrain from spitting, but rather take the time while inhaling deeply to register the high attained by each and every entry they judge.

Filmed, edited and produced by The Craze Co & Undefine Media

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