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7 News Australia with Plastic Free Beaches

‘Obscene’: How an Aussie street artist is holding big business to account over plastic use.

Australian street artist Patrick Hunter is using his powerful and confronting beachside artworks to try to pressure large companies to stop using plastic packaging.

The 27 year old from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, who goes by the name Ink Hunter, has created large street artworks around Australia’s beaches, to bring attention to plastic consumption and pollution.

Hunter wants people around Australia to get on board and help spread the Plastic Free Beaches message.

He is providing access to his artworks on Google drive to allow members of the public to print off copies and paste them up as well.

Full story via 7 News Australia – https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/obscene-how-an-aussie-street-artist-is-holding-big-business-to-account-over-plastic-use–c-1153866

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