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42020 – Canna Crisis Peace Offering

Today we attended the home of Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Kirribilli House, Sydney) to offer a token of peace and ask that we fix the cannabis crisis and replace this organised crime with legitimate employment.

Unfortunately our story about a national amnesty on Cannabis was an April fools joke however the Cannabis Crisis currently endured by Australians is no laughing matter.

“People are losing their jobs, and being confined to their household. There has never been a greater need for cannabis law reform.”

“We visited ScoMo to offer a token of peace in a bid to end the war on drugs in Australia.”

“Legalising cannabis, like in Colorado and California, will stimulate our economy.”

“Unprecedented times call for unprecedented changes.”

“Make cannabis accessible in 4/20/2020”

With love from the Who Are We Hurting Team!

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